There is no shame in your pleasure

⊹ In fact, it is about time it becomes part of your healthy habits. Maeve can help you with that ⊹

Maeve is upgrading from a platform with sensual audios at its core to a whole buffet of resources, insights & tools to explore & expand your sexual self to its full liberal expression.

Our yummy audios stay a core asset of our offerings,
yet we aim to create a community,
have conversations with you and experienced humans,
offer group sessions & mentorships.
Sounds pretty good right?

Let's no longer beat around the bush

⊹ Even now, there is still taboo surrounding female sexual pleasure and masturbation. We need to keep making efforts to break this taboo and open up conversations about sexual intimacy.

The dream?! ⟹ No more hushing, no more shame, no more stigma. Sex and (female) sexual pleasure is finally considered as a normal part of a healthy lifestyle. ⊹

Maeve's sexy audios are gourmet

⊹ Maeve is anything but your regular audio porn.
We curate an ever-growing audio library of sensual stories, guided sessions and sound experiences

The process of creation is meticulously orchestrated and starts with enticing scripts from top-notch creative writers; health, sex & relationship therapists; and experts in orgasmic living. They are brought to life by the most enticing & sultry voice over actors and mixed with soundscapes into true audio experiences by our brilliant sound engineer.


We pride ourselves to ensure all our audios are healthy & sex-positive. But what does that mean exactly?

⊹ we stand for inclusivity: as a listener, you can relate and envision yourself in the skin of the protagonist. This means, for example, that we describe real bodies while refraining from the typical body shape that's been glorified for way too long.

⊹ honest & transparent communication is key: anything goes, kinks or fantasies out of the ordinary are explored but (!) provided a proper and healthy communication and consent is worked into the story or guidance.

⊹ safe & healthy practices made sexy again: e.g. condoms have been made out to be this necessary evil that can ruin the vibes, not in our stories though

Your sexual wellbeing is 1 of the 5 top health priorities

⊹ The others are nutrition, sleep, exercise and mindfulness. The massive impact of a healthy sex life on our overall health and wellbeing is often forgotten. Sexual pleasure helps reduce stress, encourages body positivity, affects your hormone balance and lifts your mood.

Maeve's yearning desire is to help abolish the still existing taboo around intimate pleasure and get this clear once and for all:
a healthy sexual life has a huge impact on your overall health & wellbeing

Health benefits

⊹ Mental, emotional & physical - sexual pleasure helps reduce stress, encourages body positivity and lifts your mood
⊹ Maeve is an excellent tool in combo with sex or relationship therapy

Fresh partner intimacy

⊹ Mental, emotional & physical - sexual pleasure helps reduce stress, encourages body positivity and lifts your mood
⊹ Maeve is an excellent tool in combo with sex or relationship therapy

Conscious intimacy without shame

⊹ Cultivate more self-love, self-acceptance & self-confidence
⊹ Release misplaced guilt or shame about your body and desires

Disconnect to connect

⊹ Just as with meditation, be completely present, with your pleasure be it subtle or explicit
⊹ Conscious time for the two of you to lightheartedly connect on another plane

Science facts behind the sexy fiction

⊹ Maeve’s audio sessions are not just taken out of thin air. The content of Maeve’s audio sessions is based on recent scientific findings about female anatomy and the variety of ways to achieve female pleasure. Moreover, theta sound frequencies are being used of which is shown that they optimally support sexual experience.

Maeve also plans continuous impact research: Maeve’s recording sessions are tested for their health-promoting effects, both physical and mental (more positive self-image, improved mood, better social connections, improved hormone balance, …).

The founder Gertrud is a researcher herself (Dr. in Pharmaceutical Sciences) which substantially contributes to her research motivation and experience. Collaborations have been set up with the university of Ghent. ⊹

Founder Dr. Gertrud cares

⊹ Researching and trial & error-ing health all of her life, she offers a buffet of health, for you to pick and choose from. Maeve is how she offers you a hands-on tool for healthy sensuality. ⊹


I've always pursued the philosophy of 'a healthy mind in a healthy body' and this is reflected in my lifestyle (active & healthy) and (study) choices.

After obtaining my doctor's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in December 2012, I decided to dive deeper in alternative medicine such as herbal and Chinese medicine as well as Ayurveda, but also in movement studies such as yoga, free movement & dance.

I inherited the entrepreneurial spirit and I've founded, next to my career as medical writer, several other projects, including activewear label BoerlinBoerds, Movement & health coaching Go With Gertrud, chocolate with aphrodisiac herbs.

Let's get down to business

Both for myself and when working with clients, I realised that something is missing when we approach our health. We think exercise, nutrition, sleep, some kind of mindfulness but where is our attention to healthy sensuality?

One year long, I researched and picked the brains of brilliant minds. After finally getting the right creators together to manifest Maeve from conception to reality, I founded Maeve in October 2019.

The story of Maeve's conception

⊹ It's been sizzling for a while, that feeling that something is missing when we approach our health. That we get bombarded with sex in movies, through billboards and social media but that, in the comfort of our own homes or relationships, we kinda have to grasp in the dark (literally at times). That we all deeply yearn for that out-of-this-world connection, for a shameless expression of our pure nature. Yet I found no suitable tool or platform to embark on that journey. ⊹


I was at a birthday party and masturbation was the topic of conversation. We all agreed (men included!) that porn often does not give healthy input or inspiration and, just as with fast food, does not offer proper 'nourishment' yet only gives a short-term satisfaction while one stays 'hungry'.

That  night, I got home and immediately dove into an online rabbit hole, looking for conscious & healthy alternatives to be guided with self-exploration and satisfaction. I could not find anything suitable. Lots of information, yes. But few to no tools for implementation.

Pornography is too shortshighted, tantra does not offer accessible language or techniques. I decided there an then to change that in form of a guided self-pleasure platform.

After months of exploration, it was time to take action which obviously requires a budget. The fact that my mother - pharmacist, 69 years old and raised with traditional & conservative values - immediately agreed to give me initial support with this project was the last motivation drop which ensured I could not not bring Maeve to life.