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⊹ Maeve is an application with unique research-based audio sessions
 not only for self-pleasure but also to increase intimacy within relationships ⊹

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What Listeners Say

  • Listening to Maeve’s audios has had an effect on me on many levels. Being single, I’ve felt deprived of intimacy and I’ve been looking for a solution to fulfill my desires. I’ve found an answer with Maeve. I now experience how to touch myself as if I am in a relationship with myself instead of with a partner. That is a fantastic revelation! Before Maeve, pleasuring myself reminded me of what I am missing, but now I get to know ‘me’ more and more and I feel my heart opening. – Veerle
  • I did a wonderful guided masturbation session and I had not had an orgasm quite like that by myself ever before. It made my Sunday! The voices are soooo beautiful. Also, the app is beautiful – love the color scheme! – Julia
  • I’m beyond grateful for the work and effort you put into creating this platform where the importance of female pleasure is given space and guidance. Thank you for letting it feel so good and in no way shameful to embrace my sexuality and sensuality. – Miriam